Dye Sublimation Ink: Great prices at quality

Dye Sublimation Ink: Great prices at quality

For digital textile transfer printing and customization for personal or commercial uses, our dye sublimation ink is a great choice you won’t regret. Our sublimation inks provide excellent resolution images with vivid color. 

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a process that uses a special heat sensitive dye to print graphics and text in to paper.

When the cycle(sublimation) is completed, the image on the paper has transferred to the item and has actually become a part of the surface.

Steps of sublimation process

  • Design your transfer:

A computer, graphic design software, printer with sublimation inks, and a heat press are all you need to begin making full color items. With a scanner, digital camera or any electronic image or clip art you have the flexibility to create colorful designs.

Once you’ve created an electronic design, you can create as many or as few transfers as you need.

  • Sublimation the transfer:

With your rotary heat transfer machine, you’re ready to start sublimation transfers. 

Sublimation produces vibrant color that surpasses silk screening or hot stamping-perfect for logos, photos, clip art or other images.

  • Heat the transfer:

Sublimation inks are specially formulated to convert directly from a solid to a gas under heat and pressure.

While in a gaseous state, the inks are attracted to certain types of synthetic surface. The inks actually penetrate and bond with the surface so that a permanent, durable image is created.

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