Textile Entrepreneur

My business of selling personalized t-shirts started at home, in Miami, 5 years ago, initially everything was by order; birthday parties, events, anniversaries and more… We work as a family and rely on a heat press, vinyl and other techniques to personalize shirts. We always wanted the business to grow and to have an available stock. But, when the pandemic started, all the celebrations stopped, we did not receive large orders again, the money and the desire to open our workshop began to decrease.

Then, almost a year later, I saw a post on social networks where they invited me to an Electronic Sign Supply webinar to learn about the textile sublimation business in the midst of the pandemic and some time later I attended an event where I was able to see their machines, paper and other supplies for sublimation, I learned how the rotary heat transfer worked, I was amazed by the speed and simplicity with which I could customize products, the correct composition to sublimate the fabric piece by piece or complete rolls.

It finally gave me a clear idea of ​​the next level to which I had to take my business, we gathered the necessary economic resources to start financing machinery and thanks to ESS today we continue to manufacture and sell a variety of personalized garments from different industries.

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